Whether you're just getting started or already using Made Market with your team, we're here to help.  For a quick onboarding lesson, take a look at the Basics section.

Here in Help, you'll find all the detailed documentation for Made Market features, learn how to set up your Organization, add contacts to Made Market, create a Workspace, build and manage a buyers list, distribute process emails to defined segments of your buyers list, invite teammates and more.


Made Market's interface is divided into a Top Bar, Left Pane and Main Pane.

Top Bar
Use the top bar to search Made Market, create a new Workspace or contact and access your settings or log out.


You can find the search box on the left side of the top bar. Use search to find people on Made Market.

Click the search bar and begin typing to run a basic search.


The  Create New button allows you to easily:

  • Create a Workspace
  • Add a new contact


Access your account settings or log out of Made Market by clicking on your profile picture on the right side of the top bar.

Left Pane

Use the Left Pane to navigate to your Profile, Contacts or Workspaces.


My Profile is your Made Market page that describes your corporate finance interests, transaction focus, investment mandates and other related content you many want to publish.  We have a variety of features that leverage your profile and others' profiles to help you meet your objectives


My Contacts organizes all your contacts from your buyers lists, address book, emails, calendars and your Made Market network, and keeps them up to date.


Workspaces are where you organize and execute your transactions with your deal team.  Our secure transaction workspaces allow you to collaboratively manage your process in real-time, from anywhere.

Main Pane

When you select a menu item from the Left Pane, you'll see relevant page information and detail in the Main Pane.  While the Top Bar and Left Pane help you navigate Made Market and quickly access important features, the Main Pane is where you will spend most of your time interacting with your Made Market content.